Sunday, 30 June 2013

All the fun of the fair !

Wow- what an amazing weekend, I've been to a party, helped Mummy teach life drawing, watched Mummy's friend Perienne sing in a choir and to top it all off the folks took me to the fair today! I was tempted by the waltzers but Daddy said he didn't fancy it ( I think he was scared ) and Mummy was being over protective when she said the dodgems were too dangerous for me. I'm hoping I might be able to able to slip out later and let my fur down ;)

Carters fun fair in my local park 

Funny looking horses 

This is more like it - just got to convince Daddy

How about this one Mum? 

I think this is more Mummy's cup of tea 


  1. Looks like a fun time!

  2. It was !! lots of yummy food too ( that I wasn't allowed to eat )
    Thanks for stopping by Nola -- Mummy has been following your blog for ages now -- we love it !

    Miss M X

  3. Gorgeous photos - the colors are so vibrant! And a gorgeous little you, of course!