Sunday, 16 June 2013

Too much art for little me

Yesterday I accompanied Mummy and Daddy to the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead as Mummy was showing some of her paintings. I didn't stay awake for long as I didn't really like anything ( apart from Mummy's of course :) It was far nicer to snooze in my bag then go for a run in the park afterwards !!

Some of Mummy's paintings

Snoozing it all off 

Really quite bored now 

Much happier in the park !


  1. What a sweet dachshound! And how lovely that she could come with you to your exhibition. Where I live, in Sweden, it is hopeless to take a dog anywhere because then people start to scream about allegies! England is such a nicer country to dogs and dogowners:-).
    I am now " on" my fifth dachshound, they really are personalities, a big dog in a small package!
    I came to your post through the blog Making a Mark, and will surely come back again as I am curious to see more of the adventures of an art loving dachshound in London!

  2. Hi there Miss Marple's Mum here --- I've taken over as she is sleeping :)
    !thanks so much for stopping by! I'm sorry to hear that Sweden isn't that dog friendly -- it surprises me as they are so relaxed about so many other things!
    Yes, Miss Marple is a real character - I sometimes think that she will talk one day , her face is so expressive! Do keep in touch -- us Dachshund owners should stick together :)
    warm regards