Monday, 8 July 2013

Weekend bargain hunting

This weekend we visited the Grand folks and their dog 'Coco' at their home in Lincolnshire. I LOVE it there - Grandad is a cabbage farmer and they live surrounded by fields of vegetables and flowers. And of course I get to hang out with my bestest friend Coco :) On Saturday we visited an antiques fair at a nearby castle, I was on guard protecting the folks from any suspicious looking antiques ( you can never be too careful) Luckily I noticed a very shady looking character - a stuffed toy dog on wheels. I dealt with him firmly with a succession of very LOUD barks, he quickly got the message and I was also very quickly removed from the scene ( by an embarrassed Dad). I was very impressed with the castle too, I think it would be much nicer to live there rather than London but sadly the folks don't seem convinced ( I will work on them:) On Sunday Mummy decided that it would be a good idea (in the baking heat) to go to a car boot sale - I thought she was crazy and therefore refused to walk far and sunbathed at every opportunity. Luckily we didn't stay long and got home in time for the tennis - the madness seem to continue whilst watching the match though, Mummy ended up in tears and Daddy was jumping up and down punching the air. Funny lot these humans :)

Look at my tum Coco !

In the fields 

Dealing with dodgy looking antique dog 

This camel looks suspicious also

I think the castle suits me 

Sunbathing at the car boot

Helping Grandad pick some strawberries


  1. Your eyes are beautiful! I agree, that toy looks very suspicious.

  2. The castle is gorgeous; I think you're right, it suits you!

  3. We saw tennis too. My human mum supported Djokovic and human dad supported Murray. I just wanted to play with the tennis ball. We wrote about it on our blog.

  4. Hi Roy ! yes, the tennis was amazing wasn't it? Everyone here in the UK supported Murray so it was quite an emotional afternoon! Loving your blog :)