Saturday, 24 August 2013

My Holiday in North Norfolk - Part one 'Crabbing and Carnival'

Hi pals! I've been on my holidays this week - the folks AND the grandfolks all hired a cottage in Blakeney, North Norfolk - they made sure it was doggy friendly so Coco and I could come along too! It was such a magical week - the sun shone every day and I had lots of adventures ! There is too much to tell in one post so I will make it more digestible and break it into different posts.

On the first day we went to Blakeney to catch some crabs! I'm being very stubborn on my lead at the moment, preferring to sit back and relax in the sun rather than walking - sometimes it took us nearly 1/2 hour to walk along the quay even though it's only 100 metres ( hehe )

Guarding the crabs

Walk? sorry Daddy, I would rather sunbathe :)

'Helping' Daddy catch the crabs :)

After the crab frenzy it was time to head to Wells-next to the Sea for their Carnival day. It was so busy that the folks had to carry me for fear of being squashed! I saw some very curious sights - the sun seems to do funny things to humans!

This was a puppet show involving fish - most bizarre 

Enjoying the band 

The carnival proved to be too much for us all so we headed to the fish and chip shop for some much needed replenishment.
Some for me please Daddy!

It was such a fabulous start to the holidays and it got even better - but more on that in part 2 of my Norfolk adventures!

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