Sunday, 4 August 2013

My holiday with the Grand folks

This past week Mummy and Daddy have been on their hols in the South of France. They had a wonderful time and visited Arles where Van Gogh spent a year, and Aix en Provence to pay hommage to Cezanne who is Daddy's favourite painter. I was lucky enough to spend the whole week with the Grand folks and Coco - I had such a super time! Grandma says I was a 'little poppet' and no trouble at all :) - apart from when I swallowed a whole shrew ( GULP ) and when I disappeared down the dyke looking for a rabbit and also when Grandad's supper fell on the floor and I ate it all up in one go! I have also been busy protecting Grandma and Grandad from all the dangers in their garden, I've noticed many suspicious looking brown things scattered around ( plant pots apparently ) and I've dealt with them firmly by barking loudly and then wearing them on my head to show them who is boss. Mummy came to collect me yesterday but I'm reluctant to go back to London. Quite frankly Lincolnshire is much more fun :)

WOOFING at the very dangerous looking plant pot

Plant pot conquered - victory run wearing the plant pot

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