Sunday, 10 November 2013

Black and White Sunday No.19

How can I help? 

Before and after...

Hi pals, the folks have been getting all nostalgic and looking at pics of me from when I was a wee nipper. Have a look at how much I've changed and grown up!

Me at 2 months 

Me now - 8 months old !!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mid century modern dog

Hi pals! Last weekend the folks and I visited the mid century modern show at Haggerston school in Hackney As Mum & Dad love this furniture and are liable to spend too much money I thought it wise to accompany them to ensure they spent more time talking about me to the store holders rather than parting with their dosh! We met the lovely Leanne and Justin from Pink Flamingos  who not only have some very desirable Eames chairs but also 2 dachshunds called Dee Dee and Bodie - really hope to meet them one day! We had such a super time and luckily Mum left with just a rye pottery mug and not the Ercol table she had her eye on - got to make sure she saves her pennies for Christmas treats for me ;)
ps- sorry about the quality of these pics - Mum was way too focused on the furniture than me !

Lovely vintage anglepoise lamps 

Too many tempting items! 

Hanging out with Stig Lindberg
Blending in perfectly in Dad's flat 

Black and White Sunday No.17

Bright eyes